Andrea Goyma

Senior Copywriter

Andrea Goyma, Senior Copywriter

Andrea Goyma graduated with a degree in History and Political Science, and she knew she had to pick something to do with her life. What that was, she didn’t know. But at least she knew what she didn’t want to be — a lawyer.

But without knowing what a copywriter even did, she said yes to a recruiter who asked her if she wanted to do copywriting for LexisNexis. And now here she is, writing in third person and still copywriting for the past 11+ years. Before the show Mad Men got popular, she was constantly being asked when she went to law school because “you do copyright law, right?”

While she may seem chill and run of the mill, what she really has is a pocket phd in kicking ass and taking names. She spends half her life trying not to swear so much and lives in New York City.

Personal motto: "World peace. Or world pieces. "