Araya Metzger

Senior Designer

Araya Metzger

Meet Araya Metzger, Senior Graphic Designer at Intelligent Demand. With a degree in Digital Design from CU Denver, she’s on a mission to make clients shine brighter than a disco ball in a dark room, outshining their competitors.

Araya’s journey has taken her from the fast-paced energy of startups to the polished professionalism of ad agencies, soaking up insights and techniques for over 10 years. She’s a strategic thinker, a problem solver, and a visionary artist all rolled into one. Like a spicy sushi roll! Captivated by the magic of design, Araya thrives on transforming concepts into visually stunning outcomes, driving impactful results in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Outside her design realm, you’ll find Araya hiking trails with her Ewok-lookalike sidekick, Tito, or breakdancing to bluegrass tunes—poppin’ and lockin’ like a barnyard boogie master.

Personal motto: "Work smarter, not harder. "