Jeremy Shere

Executive Consultant, Content Strategy, Executive Producer

Jeremy Shere

Jeremy Shere is an Executive Consultant, Content Strategist, and Executive Producer at Intelligent Demand. He focuses on helping ID and our clients craft unique and authentic collaborative content that engages, inspires and builds community. Across his entire career he has championed an approach to content marketing that turns expert interviews and conversations into a wide range of content, all designed to stand out from the “sea of sameness” that plagues B2B.

Jeremy’s goal, when he begins his work each day, is to enhance the voice, personality, and knowledge of businesses, making them attractive to their ideal customers. With a PhD and background in video production and podcasting, Jeremy’s expertise has led to innovative solutions in content marketing.

Before founding his own agency, Jeremy spent nearly 20 years as a key contributing writer to “A Moment of Science” and held various roles in magazine writing, teaching, and media production. He has also played an instrumental role in the entrepreneurial community as a Founding Member of 1st Gen Entrepreneurs.

Jeremy holds a PhD and enjoys hosting “The B2B Content Show,” a podcast where he explores the essence of B2B content marketing with industry leaders. Based in the United States, he continues to inspire and educate others through his unique approach to content creation.

Personal motto: "Capturing the unique blend of thoughts, ideas, opinions, and knowledge to educate and inspire."