Sarah Schwerdt

Account Supervisor

Sarah Schwerdt, Account Supervisor

Sarah Schwerdt, Account Supervisor at ID, is passionate about facilitating a client experience that is rooted in transparency, trust, and collaboration. She believes the most successful integrated strategies can be amplified through the development of authentic, meaningful relationships, both internally and externally. With a passion for developing impactful marketing campaigns, she actively seeks opportunities for continued learning to expand her competencies and knowledge within the industries she serves to consistently elevate client programs.

Sarah has 4 years of experience on the agency side, partnering with a diverse group of B2B and B2C clients within the food ingredient, building product, and higher education spaces. She got her start in the marketing world as an analyst at a market research firm in Chicago where she learned to harness the power of data to enact informed decision making that directly supports her clients’ goals.

After many years in the Midwest, Sarah made the move back to her home state of Colorado in 2024. Naturally curious and ever the Aries, you can find her traveling here, there, and everywhere but when at home she spends her time practicing yoga, snowboarding, reading, and hiking.

Favorite quote: "Doing the right thing is never the wrong thing."

- Ted Lasso