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Demandbase’s First Gold-Certified Agency Partner

Demandbase offers a comprehensive set of ABM solutions built specifically for B2B marketers. This robust platform helps ABM marketing teams to identify target accounts, deliver personalized website experiences, and improve conversions across the funnel while also attracting and retargeting key individuals and buying teams.

As a Demandbase Gold Partner, Intelligent Demand can help you:

  • Assess your readiness for account based revenue approaches
  • Properly implement Demandbase with expert consulting, implementation, integration, and management services
  • Help you create exactly the right account based program strategy that matches your company goals and market use case
  • Properly configure and integrate your martech, adtech, salestech and data  account based revenue approaches
  • Establish your target account list in direct alignment with your go to market strategy
  • Establish the proper reporting and analytics infrastructure for account based engagement
  • Create targeted, personalized, multi-channel campaigns and content to fuel your ABM campaigns and program
  • Pilot and then scale your ABM/ABR program

Ready to take your use of DemandBase to the next level and drive measurable revenue within your organization? Contact us  — we can help you succeed with Demandbase and ABM!

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