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LeanData’s Revenue Ops Platform is making it simple to accelerate time-to-revenue and drive growth by providing marketing and sales teams with valuable routing, matching, and attribution capabilities.

But how does attribution lead to Real Revenue Transformation™? That is where Intelligent Demand comes in.

At ID, our focus is on growing our clients’ revenue and delivering compelling, measurable ROI. We do this by developing and optimizing world-class growth strategies supported by leading technology platforms like LeanData.

Leveraging LeanData’s technology, Intelligent Demand helps customers evolve their technology stack to implement, scale and succeed with Account Based Marketing (ABM) and improve attribution by facilitating meaningful connections between data and people, and managing sophisticated account-based lead matching and routing strategies.

Intelligent Demand offers a flexible set of solutions for LeanData customers:

  • ABM data readiness audits, insights and recommendations
  • Data strategy, hygiene and enhancement services
  • Lead management strategy and execution services for ABM and demand generation
  • Reporting, analytics, and attribution audits, insights and recommendations
  • Reporting, analytics, and attribution strategy and execution services
  • Full service ABM strategy and campaign execution services

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