Oracle Marketing Cloud

Technology Partner

Oracle Marketing Cloud automates the science of marketing – campaign execution, testing, measurement, prospect profiling, and lead nurturing – allowing marketers to acquire customers, drive revenue and do what they do best: develop strong brands, build creative campaigns, and deliver compelling content.

ID is proud to be an Oracle Partner.  We combine our deep, proven technical skill on the Oracle-Eloqua platform with our Real Revenue Transformation™ methodology to deliver integrated marketing campaigns that drive revenue improvement for our clients.

We’ll work with you to develop a revenue-focused modern marketing program that will

  • Generate leads to fill your funnel
  • Capture and nurture leads through smart content targeting
  • Develop your target account list and acquisition plan
  • Drive customer retention, upsell and renewal rates
  • Report, analyze and constantly improve revenue performance after launch
  • Drastically improve stakeholder alignment across your organization

Get in touch to discuss how we can partner together and use Oracle Eloqua to drive your revenue.   

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