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Sendoso, the world’s first Sending Platform (SP), sources, stores, ships, and measures the ROI of direct mail, corporate gifts, customer swag, perishables, and anything else.

Sendoso’s platform simplifies and automates the process of creating more meaningful relationships with potential buyers and customers through automated gift-sending. Together,  Intelligent Demand and Sendoso will develop a strategically sound way for customers to drive better engagement and revenue impact by sending personalized gifts or direct mail at critical stages in the sales cycle.

Together, we will:

  • Give marketing, sales, and customer success teams a highly effective way to improve pipeline, conversion, and retention rates
  • Introduce a physical distribution channel to marketing programs that will cut through the digital noise
  • Identify and craft highly targeted campaigns for your target accounts
  • Express your unique value proposition and brand through persona-targeted content
  • Drive customer retention, up-sell and renewal rates
  • Report, analyze and constantly improve revenue performance after launch

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