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Sigstr Email Signature Marketing

Sigstr helps organizations unlock the biggest marketing channel you’ve been overlooking – email signatures! Sigstr is the industry leader in email signature marketing, providing a single place not only manage company signatures but a unique platform to reach target accounts, understand how your efforts are influencing account penetration and development, and create targeted promotions to drive those accounts through the funnel.

Some of the world’s most innovative marketers use Sigstr, turning every email your company sends into a targeted marketing campaign. Sigstr campaigns have the ability to dynamically update based on the sender or recipient of each email, and intelligently target key accounts and contacts with personalized content throughout every stage of your ABM playbooks.

As a Sigstr partner, together we are developing ways to utilize the Sigstr platform in our client’s integrated demand generation and account based campaigns to personalize campaigns, nurture relationships, and accelerate revenue growth.

Together, our team of world-class strategists and the technology experts at Sigstr will help you increase the value of your Sigstr investment by bringing the best practices and technical experience needed to leverage your company email signature to drive opportunities through the sales funnel.

Together, we will:

  • Turn employee email into an authentic and targeted ad channel
  • Target specific accounts and contacts
  • Align content to specific stages of your sales cycle
  • Promote new content automatically in every employee email
  • Enable your customers and educate your prospects

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