Growth Consulting

Whether it’s our weekly All Hands meetings, our transparent approach to leading the company, our values-oriented interview process, or all the ways we work to promote connection within the team, ID puts its culture first. Our super talented employees bring their whole selves to work every day where they get to not only make close friends, but take their passion for modern marketing to the next level with hands-on experience and continual opportunities to learn and grow.

  • Brittany Guidetti

    Senior Growth Marketing Manager
  • Sarah Lawrie

    Senior Growth Marketing & Sales Manager
  • Melanie Darienzo

    Executive Consultant, Go-To-Market Consulting and Growth Planning
  • Carol Romashko

    Executive Consultant, Healthcare, Go-to-Market and Product Strategy
  • Dennis Carlson

    Executive Consultant, Healthcare, Broker/Consultant Marketing
  • Eryc Eyl

    Executive Consultant, Organizational Effectiveness
  • Garrett Cole

    Executive Advisor, Go-To-Market Strategy & Sales Acceleration

Amazing people work at ID

We’re building something special. But that only happens with diverse, smart, talented people who love making a difference. Maybe that’s you. Or someone you know.

We need the real, unique you.

It takes a diverse group of people to build an amazing team. That’s why we value and cultivate diversity, equity, inclusion, and a sense of belonging with each other at Intelligent Demand. We embrace and encourage the differences that make each of us unique because diversity makes us stronger, smarter, more creative, more resilient, and more innovative. But more than that: it’s the right thing to do.