GTT accelerates revenue

increases engagement with content experience

The client

GTT is a top-ranked, global Tier 1 IP network that connects people across organizations, around the world, and to every application in the cloud.

The challenge

GTT noticed that over the past five years, telecom companies all started to sound the same. Even worse, they often use jargon-packed marketing fluff that annoys and confuses business leaders and frustrates engineers trying to source and operate a seamless global network.

GTT knew that it was different from competitors—both in communication and how it delivers to its customers. Unfortunately, a sizable portion of the telecommunications market didn’t know this. To get its message out, GTT needed a campaign unlike any other. So, the company asked Intelligent Demand to help.

The strategy 

Despite new leaders joining the organization, the company had been growing mostly by acquisition instead of integrated marketing or demand generation campaigns. The client wanted to invest in organic growth and lead with a new product offering: SD-WAN.

In order to align GTT’s message with its audience in an engaging way, our team first decided to lump all GTT’s competitors into one bucket and label it “Big Telco.” To bring ”Big Telco” to life and drive
engagement, our team:

  • Created a series of digital shorts and engaging content that would live in a modern, user-guided
    content environment. These short videos followed the campaign concept “Big Telco Translation
  • Chose Uberflip to host the content since the platform puts much of the control in the hands of
    the leads themselves. We wanted to give GTT’s customers a self-guided mechanism to enter the
    content experience.
  • Introduced a level of marketing automation that had never been implemented at the company.
    The campaign encourages engagement from active leads with a 10-touch email nurture
    using Marketo and a retargeting campaign that actively serves leads with content they hadn’t
    previously engaged with. This allows GTT to create a better and more personalized user

The results

In its first several months in the market, GTT’s Big Telco Translation Service campaign produced remarkable results. The overall campaign drove above-benchmark MQLs for GTT, with content engagement metrics indicating that the hub was a significant driver of prospect engagement.

Multiple content pieces demonstrated a higher-than-average 13%+ conversion rate on form fills for lead generation, and content performance metrics provided clear strategic direction for further content development. Furthermore, the content experience campaign demonstrated above average engagement, generated significant revenue impact, and created valuable buy-in from GTT’s executives.

Exceeded year 1 revenue goals

Demonstrated above average engagement with target accounts

Created valuable buy-in from company executives

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