Kaiser Permanente: Thriving in the community

Alleviating the stresses of healthcare planning and delivering personalized experiences.

The client

Kaiser Permanente Colorado is the state’s largest nonprofit healthcare provider, employing 7,200 personnel and serving 539,000 members. It is one of Kaiser Permanente’s most successful affiliates in the American West.

The challenge

For most people, choosing a healthcare plan is a confusing and stressful experience, even when great options are available. Between insurance websites, changes in federal regulations, and even the nightly news, consumers facing a healthcare plan decision are presented with many—often competing—sources of information.

Kaiser Permanente Colorado wanted to launch its first consumer campaign to engage individuals and families in the community with entertaining and educational brand activation events that would generate leads in a cost-effective, scalable way.

The strategy 

Intelligent Demand (ID) worked with Kaiser Permanente Colorado to develop a strategy that applies demand generation principles to consumer activation in order to hit—and exceed—revenue goals.

Tapping into its deep experience in healthcare, we brainstormed a solution that was experiential, engaging, and related to the Kaiser Permanente Colorado value proposition. The Kaiser brand is known for its commitment to holistic health, and it acts as a “boardwalk” for families, making it easier for them to navigate the challenging terrain of healthcare. So, we decided to use this theme to engage the community.

We created two versions of a boardwalk-themed booth for community events. The full-sized boardwalk had three games designed for large events, such as marathons and health fairs, and the small mobile version had one game that sales reps could take anywhere.

While families enjoyed the games, representatives had them fill out a quick form on a custom iPad app. Captured lead records were segmented into income bands, and those who qualified for federal programs or received healthcare through their employer were automatically excluded. Lead follow-up included a Facebook link to event photos and a four-touch email nurture campaign.

The results

Kaiser Permanente Colorado and ID designed an experiential marketing program that established success in the first year and demonstrated scalability in the second year of the program.

Designing and executing this program required a level of trust between the partners and internal stakeholders, and that trust paid off in real revenue results and industry awards:


The experiential boardwalk was brought to more than 38 community events.

The program sent more than 21,500 Marketing-qualified leads to Sales.

23,000+ visitors attended the boardwalk throughout the events and registered to receive ongoing marketing communications.


Honorable Mention for Best Marketing Campaign
from Ragan’s Health Care PR and Marketing Awards

Colorado BMA Gold Key Award

Content Marketing Awards Gold Award for Best
Use of Marketing Automation in Content Marketing

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