SketchUp achieved a 613% increase in sales clicks

by nurturing leads from free trials to paid subscribers

The client

SketchUp is a powerful 3D architectural design software that enables professionals, educators, and individual users to create and share their best, most elegant spaces.

The challenge

The team at SketchUp knew they had a superior product compared to competitors — but that wouldn’t be enough to win the marketplace and fuel short- and long-term revenue results.

Its starting point was very familiar to digital marketers:

  1. Lackluster conversion from free-to-paid subscriptions
  2. Lots of ads, but no attribution to track lead generation performance
  3. The outdated, text-only email nurture campaign did nothing to showcase the design software’s
    capabilities, and it wasn’t mapped to the buying journey
  4. Questionable CRM data quality
  5. Unintegrated marketing automation, CRM, and e-commerce platforms

The result was less common, however: a Marketo Revvie award-winning transformation.

The strategy 

SketchUp and Intelligent Demand (ID) developed a data-driven, integrated approach designed to move the revenue needle in a scalable, measurable way.

The strategic plan called for:

  1. Digging into existing data platforms to establish baseline metrics and recommendations for a
    complete data hygiene program.
  2. A fresh instance of Marketo and deep integrations with SketchUp’s CRM and e-commerce platforms.
  3. A clear understanding of the target audience, personas, and buying journeys.
  4. The development and execution of a “Welcome Campaign” designed to convert trial users into paid subscribers. By adding a vertical field to the product trial form, ID was able to provide segmented, engaging messaging and content. The new campaign also highlighted the platform’s design capabilities.

With these key aspects in place, and reliable data in hand, the team was confident in reporting their ground-breaking results to SketchUp’s executive leadership.

The results

Beyond winning The Innovator Revvie award, the program generated long-term, sustainable
revenue growth:

613% increase in sales clicks

$8.3M+ in revenue generated by 17,419 purchases

Improved database quality by increasing early unsubscribers to reduce spam complaints and weed out disengaged leads

Overall unsubscribe rate of 8M+ leads steady at <1%

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