Intelligent Demand and Rev Announce Strategic Partnership to Help B2B Companies Expand Pipeline and Accelerate Revenue

Intelligent Demand (ID), an award-winning integrated growth agency, today announced a strategic partnership with Rev, the AI-powered Sales Development Platform that helps B2B companies find their next best customers. Together, Intelligent Demand and Rev provide growth teams with an improved method of targeting the right accounts at the right time and with the right strategy and demand motion. 

“Account targeting and prioritization is a critical component of an effective integrated growth program,” said Mike Swainey, VP of Growth Consulting at Intelligent Demand. “Our partnership with Rev is exciting because their AI-driven technology strengthens our ability to help growth teams identify target accounts with greater certainty than by leveraging intent data alone. Rev’s powerful ‘above the funnel’ targeting solution has proven effective for not only our clients, but also our own growth engine at ID. Our clients are going to see real benefit from this approach.”

Rev’s Sales Development Platform enhances B2B marketers’ ability to target the best-fit and most-likely-to-engage accounts. Its AI-powered technology enables companies to uncover hidden characteristics behind their best customers and identify other accounts that share those same traits. This exegraphic data offers insights into how a company operates, giving revenue teams the ability to target accounts well before they show intent. Rev’s AI-driven data and targeting capabilities, combined with Intelligent Demand’s integrated revenue growth strategies will help growth teams make a big difference in their bottom line. 

“We are delighted to team up with Intelligent Demand and have them as part of our growing ecosystem of partners,” said Marc Denner, VP of Channels & Alliances at Rev. “Intelligent Demand’s reputation as a leading B2B growth agency, combined with their deep knowledge of our platform offers clients the perfect combination of technology and go-to-market strategies to accelerate pipeline and revenue expansion.”

Intelligent Demand’s and Rev’s partnership is rooted in a shared vision and go-to-market strategy that includes: 

  • Compatible missions: Both companies are passionately dedicated to helping marketers and growth teams transform the way they achieve efficient growth.
  • Leaders in the field: Both companies are leaders and innovators in the field of modern, revenue-focused technology and integrated programs.
  • Target similar customers: Both companies market, serve and support the same types of customer accounts and revenue teams.
  • Committed to customer success: Both are passionately committed to delivering long-term customer value and measurable success.
  • Complementary solutions: The Intelligent Demand – Rev  value proposition offers customers an innovative solution for target account selection ensuring the right audience is receiving the right message at the right time.
  • Best-of-breed technology, data, and analytics: Both companies understand the value of data and the power it holds in ensuring informed decisions and campaign success.

To learn more about Intelligent Demand’s integrated growth services visit and to learn more about Rev’s AI-driven Sales Development Platform visit 

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Intelligent Demand is an expert growth agency. Our clients choose us to help them align their go-to-market teams in such a way so they can execute integrated growth programs that create Real Revenue TransformationTM by connecting brand to demand to sales more quickly, efficiently, and predictably than often possible on their own.

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Rev powers sales, RevOps and marketing teams to discover fresh prospects most likely to become their next best customers. Rev’s AI-based Sales Development Platform (SDP) helps B2B companies identify relevant prospects in less time, improve lead quality throughout the pipeline and drive consistent revenue growth. Honored as a 2022 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award winner and one of Inc’s Best Workplaces, the world’s best B2B sales and marketing organizations, including Zendesk, Oracle, and 7 of the top 10 cloud software companies, use Rev to focus time and effort above the funnel. For more information, visit 

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