REVLAB: Where B2B revenue execs get real about revenue growth​

REVLAB stands for Revenue Leader Advisory Board. We’re an invite-only peer group of revenue executives who come together to share, learn and uncover new ways to drive growth. We meet for a series of candid discussions that make us stronger revenue leaders. 

Each session focuses on a pre-chosen topic that we explore together with highly interactive, authentic discussion. The series is hosted and facilitated by an expert growth consultant from Intelligent Demand who guides the discussion and handles all of the logistical details. Sessions are free — you just show up, share, and learn. 


How is REVLAB is different?

There is PLENTY of content out there for mid-level and junior marketers, sales and CS people. Most of it is one-way communication that is often pitching or selling something. That is NOT what REVLAB is for.

REVLAB is for truly senior revenue executives who crave honest discussion with other practitioners who share the same goals, challenges and passion for driving revenue growth. We’re here to dig into topics together and uncover better ways to drive growth. Members are expected to jump in and participate — because that’s where the learning and the fun is.

Upcoming Sessions​

Demand Gen vs ABM:

A discussion about how ABM and Demand Gen tactics and strategies are blending, borrowing, and balancing each other in 2021, and why that’s a good thing.

March 17th, 2021 at 4:30pm MT

Customer Retention and Growth: 

Too often customer retention and growth is left to customer ops organizations resulting in one of the biggest missed revenue opportunities at companies today. Let’s discuss how marketing can get in the game.


The CMO/CEO Relationship 

We hear it all the time, the CMO and CEO relationship is a tough one to navigate. Is it time for a reset? We think so, let’s discuss.


Discussion leaders

John Common

John Common
CEO, Intelligent Demand

Mike Swainey
VP of Growth Consulting,
Intelligent Demand

Who’s invited?

  • CMO’s, CRO’s SVP’s, VP’s of Marketing, Sales Development, Sales, Customer Success of growth-focused companies.
  • Limited to 10-15 seats in each session

What you can expect
from a REVLAB session

  1. Candid discussion with peers
  2. 60-minute sessions, focused on a single topic
  3. Small, invite-only, curated group
  4. No selling, no pitching
  5. Diverse points of view
  6. Facilitated by experts

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