Intelligent Demand and Sendoso Announce Strategic Partnership

Intelligent Demand strengthens ability for clients to create personalized non-digital customer experiences through partnership with Sendoso.

Expert revenue growth agency strengthens ability for clients to create personalized non-digital customer experiences through partnership with the world’s first Sending Platform 

Denver, CO  — Intelligent Demand, a leading integrated B2B revenue growth agency, today announced a partnership with Sendoso, the world’s first Sending Platform (SP). Together,  Intelligent Demand and Sendoso will give customers access to the technology, services, and expertise they need to drive better engagement and revenue impact by sending personalized gifts or direct mail at critical stages in the sales cycle.

Intelligent Demand and Sendoso’s solutions will give marketing, sales, and customer success teams a highly effective way to improve pipeline, conversion, and retention rates by introducing a physical distribution channel to marketing programs that will cut through the digital noise. Sendoso’s platform simplifies and automates the process of creating more meaningful relationships with potential buyers and customers through personalized gift-sending, while Intelligent Demand’s expertise in revenue growth strategy helps bring the software and the strategy to life.

Sendoso integrates with business software across multiple departments, which helps marketing, sales, and customer success teams:

  • Engage buyers with automated event invitations, swag boxes, or other collateral directly through their marketing automation platform.
  • Create personalized outreach from their CRM or sales automation system with custom gifts accompanied by handwritten notes via an Amazon integration.
  • Trigger a personalized gift send from inside their CRM to improve the customer experience.
  • Enhance the customer experience and improve retention by automatically sending a welcome kit, anniversary reminder, or campaign launch gift.

“We’re incredibly excited to partner with Intelligent Demand, especially given their emphasis on helping companies grow relationships with their ideal customers. This partnership with Sendoso will allow their clients to rise above digital noise and personalize their outreach at scale,” said Sendoso Head of Partnerships Brian Jambor. “This is another important step in our journey to help businesses everywhere make more human connections in a digital world.”

The partnership between Intelligent Demand and Sendoso is rooted in a shared vision and go-to-market strategy:

  • Compatible missions: Both companies are passionately dedicated to helping marketers and sellers transform the way they grow revenue and achieve greater business impact. 
  • Leaders in the field: They are true leaders and innovators in the field of modern, revenue-focused technology and integrated programs that drive targeted, personalized, and measurable engagement.
  • Target similar customers: Both companies market, serve, and support the same types of customer accounts.
  • Committed to customer success: Both are passionately committed to delivering long-term customer value and measurable success.
  • Complementary solutions: Their joint value proposition gives customers a comprehensive solution for enabling sales, marketing, and customer success teams to create customer experiences that drive better results.

“Personalized customer experiences are a critical component of every one of our high-performing revenue programs. This partnership with Sendoso gives us another strategic relationship with the first platform in the direct mail, gifts and loyalty rewards space. We’re using these channels and tactics with our clients to generate above-benchmark results in terms of engagement, pipeline acceleration, and conversion rates,” said Mike Swainey, Senior Director of Marketing, Sales, and Business Development at Intelligent Demand. “This is just one more way we are helping our clients deliver personalized experiences at every stage of the revenue process including brand experiences, account based and demand generation campaigns, sales enablement programs, and customer retention and expansion campaigns.”

About Sendoso

Sendoso is the world’s first Sending Platform (SP). The fully integrated solution solves sourcing, physical warehouse storage, inventory tracking, and ROI attribution problems so that businesses can send anything and personalize at scale. Founded in 2017, Sendoso is a privately held company headquartered in San Francisco, CA. To learn more, please visit

About Intelligent Demand

Intelligent Demand (ID) is a full service revenue agency that helps our clients find, keep and grow relationships with their ideal customers. We give our clients the capabilities they need to expertly connect marketing budgets to measurable business impact, and permanently transform how they grow revenue.

Our solutions target the pillars of world class revenue performance: integrated revenue growth strategy, customer-centric go-to-market planning, account based and demand generation programs, sales enablement programs, and best-of-breed technology, data and analytics services.

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