Intelligent Demand Welcomes Sigstr into Partner Ecosystem

Expert B2B revenue growth agency expands suite of account based marketing offerings through partnership with the world’s leading email signature marketing platform

Expert B2B revenue growth agency expands suite of account based marketing offerings through partnership with the world’s leading email signature marketing platform

Denver, CO  — Intelligent Demand, an award-winning B2B revenue growth agency, today announced a strategic partnership with Sigstr, the world’s leading email signature marketing platform. The partnership with Sigstr is one more way Intelligent Demand is teaming up with leading technology providers to help marketers and B2B companies drive better engagement and revenue impact by bringing together best-of-breed technology with expert services.

Focused on accelerating pipeline and revenue impact, Intelligent Demand and Sigstr’s integrated solutions give marketing, sales, and customer success teams an effective way to drive engagement and build relationships with target accounts and customers by turning company email signatures into a high performing marketing channel. With stage-based targeting built right into the application, Sigstr gives marketers the power to turn every employee email into an authentic and targeted ad channel, while Intelligent Demand’s expertise in revenue growth and account based marketing helps companies create a strategically sound way to utilize Sigstr’s targeting and personalization capabilities inside of an account based program.

Sigstr gives companies the ability to integrate preferred sales and marketing tools with employee emails to produce a powerful channel with rich relationship analytics. With Sigstr inside of your tech stack, you will be able to:

  • Turn the millions of emails sent every year into ad impressions with no CPC. 
  • Run dozens or hundreds of simultaneous campaigns, targeting recipients by region, industry, persona, account, or any other segment. 
  • Align your campaigns to every step of your buyer’s journey by leveraging your employee’s email signature as a key touchpoint to drive opportunities through the sales funnel
  • Gather actionable relationship analytics, account insights, and buyer intent data.

“B2B marketing technology is moving quickly, providing businesses a dizzying array of tools to choose from, but providing little strategy or execution,” said Justin Keller, VP of Marketing at Sigstr. “Throughout our partnership with Intelligent Demand we’ve been impressed with the experience and insight they bring to their customers’ strategy, deftly assembling the tools and tactics needed to achieve outsize results. We’re thrilled about this partnership and we can’t wait to see how they drive customer results with Sigstr.” 

The partnership between Intelligent Demand and Sigstr is rooted in a shared vision and go-to-market strategy:

  • Compatible missions: Both companies are passionately dedicated to helping marketers and sellers transform the way they grow revenue and achieve greater business impact. 
  • Leaders in the field: They are true leaders and innovators in the field of modern, revenue-focused technology and integrated programs that drive targeted, personalized, and measurable engagement.
  • Target similar customers: Both companies market, serve, and support the same types of customer accounts and revenue teams.
  • Committed to customer success: Both are passionately committed to delivering long-term customer value and measurable success.
  • Complementary solutions: Their joint value proposition gives customers a comprehensive solution for enabling sales, marketing, and customer success teams to create customer experiences that drive better results.

“This partnership with Sigstr is just one more way we’re helping our customers create highly effective, end-to-end revenue programs,” says Intelligent Demand’s Senior Director of Marketing, Sales, and Business Development, Mike Swainey. “Email is such an important channel for B2B marketing and sales teams, so we are thrilled to be partnering with a leader in this space.”

About Sigstr

Sigstr is a marketing platform that turns the billions of 1:1 emails sent every year into powerful brand engagements and practical relationship intelligence. With integrations into the leading CRMs, MAPs, and Marketing Technologies, Sigstr helps companies get more out of their employee email by turning it into a channel that understands and engages their most important audiences. Leading brands like Cvent, Fortinet, Snowflake, Terminus, and Yext are using Sigstr to amplify the value of every email their employees send. 

About Intelligent Demand

Intelligent Demand (ID) is a full service revenue agency that helps our clients find, keep and grow relationships with their ideal customers. We give our clients the capabilities they need to expertly connect marketing budgets to measurable business impact, and permanently transform how they grow revenue.

Our solutions target the pillars of world class revenue performance: integrated revenue growth strategy, customer-centric go-to-market planning, account based and demand generation programs, sales enablement programs, and best-of-breed technology, data and analytics services.

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