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The GTM game is changing quickly, and if you’re focusing your efforts on outdated plays, you run the risk of being left behind. That’s why we’re talking through the most important trends in GTM as we head into 2024. It’s time to step back, review the GTM landscape, and make sure you’re not stepping over dollars to pick up nickels.

In this episode we explore 5 strategically important trends with the perfect guest: Craig Rosenberg, a veteran of B2B sales, marketing, and technology and Chief Platform Officer at Scale Venture, where he helps portfolio companies build go-to-market machines. We walk through each of the trends in depth, discussing the risk you need to manage and the opportunities you can unlock.

About Growth Driver Guest Craig Rosenberg

Craig Rosenberg is a veteran of B2B sales, marketing, and technology, with a data lake’s worth of experience and pattern recognition about B2B growth. He’s been a senior market analyst and growth consultant. He was a co-founder of TOPO which got acquired by Gartner. 

He’s now Chief Platform Officer at Scale Venture Partners – where he helps portfolio companies build go-to-market machines. Craig joined Scale in 2022 to help build and manage their Go-To-Market Platform. 

Snack-Sized Insights from the Episode

AI Isn’t Going Anywhere Anytime Soon

It might be a buzzword, but AI will continue to change the B2B game. We’ve already seen impact on sales communications, marketing automation, and strategic targeting. 

Trend or not, AI is a real growth planning resource that go to market leaders are leveraging more and more in 2024. Enabling efficient business when used responsibly, those that avoid adoption run the risk of falling behind.

Buyers Don’t Need ROI Models

Value propositions are an instrumental factor in establishing the ROI of your product with a potential buyer. But if your buyer needs an ROI model, they’re not a buyer. 

As Craig said in this episode, “When you say what you do, that’s when the buyer personally derives ROI.” Buyers need to visualize the benefits gained from your product. Finance needs the ROI model to justify the spend.

Small or Targeted? A Real Look at Account-Based

There’s an assumption that account-based (AB) means small. When in reality, AB means targeted. As John discusses with Craig, all companies “need to have a visceral, direct understanding of the customer, not a theoretical understanding of the customer.” 

Every marketing effort must be guided by an ICP, and the ICP must be defined before drafting an AB campaign. Isolating an objective only makes it easier to achieve. When you know who you’re talking to and have a rich, deep understanding of what they do, building the right message gets a whole lot easier. 

Connecting Brand to Demand to Sales, Sustainably

How do great organizations operationalize the connection and consistency between brand, demand, sales, and CS? It starts with everyone working from the same positioning and messaging play. 

Consistent messaging throughout the customer journey ensures a clear understanding of value and establishes the basis of trust needed to purchase. To operationalize this across messaging, positioning, content, and calls to action, leadership needs to hold departments accountable. As Craig says, “you should always look at your business end to end, and you should always make sure you’re optimized across that.” 

Check Out These Key Moments

03:08 – The Real Deal Pivot to Efficient Growth 

03:21 – Efficient Growth is Your Base Canvas

17:02 – Declining win Rate? The Antidote is Your ICP  

20:13 – Your Biggest Problem Right Now is Getting in the Door 

22:51 – Bring Balance Back to the Brand-Demand-Sales Equation

27:51 – You Can’t Beat the Market into Submission 

35:21 – You must have an End-to-End Growth Strategy 

44:52 – Simultaneous Technology Consolidation AND Innovation

1:00:37 – Cross-functional Alignment is No Longer Optional 

1:08:09 – ⚡️ Lightning Round!

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