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There’s a lot of confusion around the role of a CRO. But when it’s done well and in the right organization, it’s a powerful force for aligned GTM, and for integrated growth—two things that are really hard to get right but make a huge impact when you do.

We took a fresh, honest look at the role of a modern, B2B CRO with one of the greatest we know.

About Lane Brannan

Lane Brannan started as a bag carrying Sales rep, grew to a sales manager, then head of sales, and now, a multi-time, successful CRO in technology companies across SMB mm and enterprise indifferent industries. Currently the SVP and GM, Americas, for Pax8, Lane is piloting a certified growth rocket. Pax8 is a cloud commerce marketplace focused on the delivery of cloud-based solutions to a global network of channel partners and their customers. 

So, how does a kid from Odessa Texas end up with a career like Lane’s? Tune in to find out.

A CRO is responsible for the company’s overall growth, but they must be focused on more than just hitting revenue numbers to do so. To run an effective B2B revenue or growth engine, there are certain minimum systems, certain meetings and cadences cross functionally, and certain expectations around processes to really drive and deliver sustainable growth. Modern B2B CROs must also prioritize creating alignment across all teams and departments to achieve sustainable long-term growth. 

Lane’s Four Truths and a Mantra describe the key elements of aligning cross-functional teams to reach and ultimately surpass growth objectives: 

  1. A strategy that’s not written on paper is a strategy that doesn’t exist. A strategy must be written on paper for people to align to it. 
  1. Everything positive and negative in revenue is a result of pipeline. If you have solid pipeline then you can optimize and do a lot of things with that. Without pipeline, people are left to their own devices to deliver the revenue number; creating misalignment in messaging, strategic implementation, and the overall customer journey experience. 
  1. Determine the data point that represents the status of an objective or piece of the funnel, and work from that single source of truth when cross-functional teams are in the same room. You can grow your discipline in data and metrics over time, but it must start simple to get everyone on the same page and trajectory. 
  1. People development is leverage. This is where great CROs take the first three truths from above and really tap into the motivators, hearts, and minds of the people to drive aligned growth. 

The Mantra encapsulates these truths and distills them down to a phrase people can attach to – “Let’s grow!” Yes, CROs are on the hook to grow the business. But like any modern professional, you want to grow, learn, and be part of something. From their position in an organization, CROs have the ability to align cross-functional teams and gain employee buy-in to growth objectives by applying these concepts.

Key Moments in this Episode:

16:09 – How to successfully enter into a new head of revenue role  

20:22 – Four Truths and a Mantra for B2B Growth: The First Truth

21:52 – Everything, Positive or Negative, In Revenue, is the Result of Pipeline  

22:51 – The Film Doesn’t Lie 

24:46 – People Development is Leverage 

27:20 – The Mantra – Let’s Grow! 

30:59 – Navigating Truthful Moments with Curiosity 

44:44 – How has the role of a SDR/BDR/XDR changed? 

50:42 – ⚡️ Lightning Round! 

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