Meet an IDer: Joel Mischke

Resource Center > Meet an IDer: Joel Mischke

Resource Center > Meet an IDer: Joel Mischke

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About the Author

Intelligent Demand

We transform marketing into an irrefutable growth driver. Our clients love working with us because we drive the results they need and our people are awesome. Full-service + Award-winning + Best Places to Work.

Intelligent Demand is an integrated revenue growth agency. We exist to help transform marketers into revenue leaders. Any agency can create activity for their client. Most can create an ad, write and design a piece of content, and maybe even deploy campaigns in marketing technology stacks. Very few can do those things and connect the dots back to what’s most important — creating a scalable and sustainable revenue growth engine.

But how do we do it? It all starts with the talented and passionate marketers that make up the ID team. In this blog series we aim to introduce you to each of our superheroes behind the mission. So, without further ado, please meet…Joel Mischke!

When did you start at ID?

I started in January of 2018.

Describe your career so far, where did you go to school?

I have a wildly varied background and a completely non-linear resumé. I originally attended Colorado State University as an Equine Science/Pre-Vet major. While at CSU, I went to work at a local restaurant as a way to pay my bills. That turned into a multi-year career as an Executive Chef. Following that, I returned to the horse business and managed a cutting horse training and breeding facility for many years. When the gentleman who owned that business fell ill, we sold the horses and I decided to go back to school. 

I graduated from Metro State University with a degree in accounting and finance. Out of college the second time, I went to work for a regional CPA firm for about five years. Leaving the firm, I accepted a role as a Controller for an IT professional services company then worked my way up to CFO. When that company sold to a global IT company, I oversaw the transition after the sale but was looking for another growth opportunity with a smaller company. I met John Common and we discussed the opportunity at ID. I joined ID as the CFO and have been here over three years now. 

What do you do here at ID? Describe your role.

My role (and title!) has two large areas of responsibility. The CFO side is concerned with the financial side of the business, all of the back of the house administrative duties that go along with that, client billing, financial statements, internal results, budgets and models, etc. In addition, I oversee the PeopleOps portion of ID which allows me to work on benefits, compensation, HR and company events – everything related to our team. Another large portion of my focus surrounds resourcing and recruiting new people, finding future IDers.  Along with everyone on the leadership team, all of my duties and responsibilities surround supporting our teams and facilitating their work.

What is your favorite part about ID? What drew you in?

It is going to sound like a cliché’, but it is definitely the people. ID has some of the most passionate, authentic, hard-working, intelligent, talented people I have ever met, let alone had the good fortune to work alongside. From my first conversations with John Common to my initial chance to meet the leadership team at ID throughout my tenure here, I am always impressed with my co-workers.

When did your journey in revenue growth begin and what have you found the most interesting?

I guess my journey in revenue growth has been a central business theme in all the places I have worked. Every business wants to grow, right?! But my deep dive into revenue growth began when I joined ID and began to learn about all the amazing work that the ID team is doing for our clients. I am one of the few at ID without a marketing background but that does not prohibit me from being thoroughly awed by the work I see our teams complete and the results that are generated for our clients.

What are your passions outside work? Where can we find you on the weekends?

You will generally find me hanging out with my wife, two kids and two dogs. That usually includes riding horses, playing golf or fly fishing.  Almost anything that will get us outdoors.

The year 2020. We’ve been faced with a lot of challenges and the desire to see a change. What are you most excited to see come out of it? What have been the silver linings? Where would you like to see the world go from here? 

I would like to see the world embrace the positive changes that are occurring and move forward with inclusion, in all aspects. It seems we are at a crossroads and we can choose to be compassionate and inclusive, or we can choose to be divisive. I hope we take the opportunity to emerge from this pandemic with an eye toward celebrating our differences while acknowledging our similarities. Let’s face it, we are all different, no two of us are exactly the same. But that diversity makes us stronger, makes life more interesting and allows us to express and learn from different points of view. However, there is also an enormous part of the human experience that is common to all of us. With compassion and empathy, I think we can connect in the common ground while also exploring the things that make each of us unique.