The Symptoms of an Outdated B2B Playbook

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This article is part of ID’s expert blog series “Old to New: How to Update Your B2B Growth Plays.” It helps GTM, marketing, and sales leaders understand, diagnose, and update their B2B growth plays by leveraging Intelligent Demand’s frameworks, resources, advice, and experience.

How do you know that your B2B growth playbook isn’t working the way it should?

The symptoms are impossible to ignore:

  • Strategies and tactics that used to work aren’t working as well anymore, such as email, SEO, trade shows, paid media, gated content, webinars, and outbound cold calling
  • Flattening growth rates
  • Missing meetings/pipeline targets
  • Missing revenue/booking targets
  • Rising customer acquisition cost (CAC)
  • Customer churn rates rising
  • Slower deal velocity/smaller deal sizes
  • Decreasing sales pipeline conversion rates
  • Decreasing CX scores
  • Disconnected, poorly orchestrated tactics
  • Unclear/Misaligned GTM strategies
  • Misaligned stakeholders across marketing, SDR, field sales, customer success, and product
  • Weak or shifting ideal client profiles, buying teams, and personas
  • Inefficient use of budget
  • Market perceives your offerings as a commodity
  • Over-reliance on siloed heroics and tactics
  • Inability to report credible growth funnel metrics
  • Under-utilized, under-integrated tech stacks
  • Buyer skepticism and indifference to traditional approaches
  • Internal team burnout

Are you and your GTM teams seeing these symptoms?

They’re not random—they’re a loud message saying “it’s time to update your GTM strategy and the growth playbooks you use target, reach, engage, win, renew, and expand with your customers.”

But it’s important to know why your playbook has become obsolete.

If you need to move faster

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