Integrated Demand Generation

Effective Demand Gen is Integrated

Demand Generation. You’ve probably heard that phrase a lot, especially if your job has anything to do with growing revenue.

But what is it, really? Some use Demand Generation to mean the same thing as lead generation. Others use it to mean “marketing automation software and lead nurturing best practices.”

At Intelligent Demand, we add the critical word “integrated” to the mix and define it this way:

Integrated Demand Generation: An integrated, holistic and measurable approach to growing revenue that engages your target audience at every step of their customer journey in highly relevant ways that add value and pull them deeper and deeper into your unique value proposition.

Best-in-class companies who commit to integrated demand generation strategies achieve 85% increase in close rates and 150% increase in qualified leads.

– Aberdeen Group, Forrester, SiriusDecisions


At Intelligent Demand, we use integrated demand generation to connect all of the dots within your revenue picture and help you move from Revenue 1.0 to Revenue 2.0.

As your agency partner, we work closely with all of the “revenue stakeholders” inside your company to transform the way you market, sell and retain customers into a world-class revenue engine with the following characteristics:

  • Integrated in multiple dimensions. We help you unlock the dormant revenue potential by addressing gaps, redundancies, inefficiencies and inconsistencies in your revenue process. This means we get all the way down into the fine details of your strategy, technology, messaging, content, media, and analytics–at every stage of the funnel—and connect the dots, together with your team.
  • Synchronized with the entire customer journey. It’s true: your buyers are in charge now. They are online, self-directed, multi-channel, multi-screen, socially connected and extremely good at tuning out interruptive, irrelevant noise. Our job as revenue creators is to make sure that our marketing and sales activities are properly synchronized with the decision makers and influencers who are traveling throughout their buying journey, and to provide relevant, useful, compelling messaging and content that adds value and pulls them deeper into your value proposition.
  • Aligned internally. We help you orchestrate and sequence your various marketing and sales activities, systems, processes and people in a way that not only brings marketing and sales into alignment around revenue growth, but brings your company into better alignment with your prospects and customers.
  • Measured, analyzed and optimized. Modern, integrated demand generation allows you to capture and report data about nearly every marketing, sales and lead activity at every stage of your revenue funnel. All that data can create a lot of noise too. We establish clear KPIs, reports and dashboards that prove revenue impact and help focus attention on important, actionable insights. After launch, we use those reports and insights to close the loop and improve the effectiveness of your revenue engine with fact-based optimizations.

Examples of elements that may be included in a project plan:

  • Implementation and Execution: The design, development and maintenance of the creative, content and technical set-up needed to deliver campaigns.
  • Program Support: This includes program and campaign level monitoring, maintenance, technical and creative support for all program components.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Campaign performance reports, quarterly program-wide analysis and recommendation reports.
  • Agile Project Management and Client Communications: Weekly sprint meetings, status/progress reports, project management and conference calls.

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