Webinar: Sigstr Pulse, LeanData, and ID can help you achieve revenue growth in 2019

If you are personally responsible for revenue at your company, developing your organization’s tech stack should be sitting at the top of your priorities list for 2019 planning – especially if you are implementing or evolving an account based strategy.
There are many technology solutions available to marketing and sales professionals who want to do ABM – but how do you even begin to choose the best tech for your company’s unique needs? What solutions can be integrated into your existing tech stack? How do they fit into your budget? And once you choose, how do you make your tech stack work seamlessly together to help your company actually grow revenue?

Don’t mess this up. 

The end goal is revenue growth, right? You just need the right tools in your technology arsenal (along with buy-in from both marketing and sales) to make that happen.
With this in mind, we teamed up with LeanData and Sigstr to help revenue leaders (like you) learn how to leverage technologies such as Sigstr Pulse and LeanData to achieve better alignment between your marketing and sales teams and optimize your tech stack to accelerate revenue growth in 2019 and beyond.

ID’s own world class tech strategist Eli Snyder, along with LeanData VP of Business Development Asher Mathew and Sigstr VP of Marketing Justin Keller will help you:

  • Remove roadblocks from your ABM strategy
  • Bring data into your territory planning strategies
  • Ensure your most important contacts are at your field marketing events
  • Bring relationship intelligence into your most important contacts and accounts to understand engagement
  • Clearly see how leads are routed, ensuring customers are contacted by the best fit rep
  • See higher conversions when your sales team is focused on higher-quality demand

To help prepare for the webinar, we recommend you download ID’s Real World Account Based Framework.

Intelligent Demand’s LeanData & Sigstr Services

Want to know more about implementing LeanData or Sigstr as part of your company’s account based strategy? Get in touch and our team and we will help you develop a winning tech stack.

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