Intelligent Demand Just Launched Growth Driver!

Resource Center > Intelligent Demand Just Launched Growth Driver!

Resource Center > Intelligent Demand Just Launched Growth Driver!

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About the Author

John Common

John is Intelligent Demand’s founder, chief strategist and CEO. His energy and enthusiasm for transforming companies with modern approaches to marketing, sales, and customer success is palpable.

Built by and for the best minds in B2B Growth.

Welcome to Growth Driver!

Welcome to Growth Driver, the show where the best minds in B2B are redefining growth. If you’re a B2B CMO, head of sales, or a VP of any Go-To-Market (GTM) function leading and driving growth, Growth Driver is about to be at the top of your “must listen” list for innovative insights and strategies.

Every episode delivers courageous discussion, strategic insight, executable innovation, and unshielded honesty (more on that later)—sourced from the best minds in B2B growth. We’re getting to the heart of what today’s growth leaders need to know.

This is more than a podcast or video series—it’s a commitment to rewriting the growth playbook together. So subscribe to Growth Driver and join us because we can’t do it without you. 

Let’s get into it: B2B Growth Needs an Intervention  

Fact 1: B2B growth has changed. But companies are still using outdated GTM models. Savvy CMOs, CROs, VPs and Directors see the slowing growth, pipeline gaps, and rising inefficiency. They’re ready to lead smarter growth.

Fact 2: No single person can possibly know everything required to be a world-class B2B growth leader. And most B2B content is boring, wordy, salesy, too tactical, too academic, or hidden behind expensive paywalls and forms that unleash relentless spam. 

That’s WHY we created Growth Driver: to be THE CONTENT COMMUNITY for B2B executives who are ready to reshape growth at their company. The best way for growth leaders to level up and learn is through a community of leader-learner-practitioners who are humble and courageous enough to bring their experiences and expertise to the party. 

Meet Your Hosts

John Common  

Pull up a chair and join John Common, CEO and Founder of Intelligent Demand, as he talks shop with other expert B2B growth practitioners, senior executives, thought leaders, and authors. 

Every episode of Theory+Practice keeps B2B GTM executives super-charged and super-informed with insights, new approaches, and peer-level inspiration. 

Anne-Marie Coughlin  

Anne-Marie, Director of People Operations at Intelligent Demand has open and honest conversations with leaders, subject matter experts, and fellow teammates about the things that make people and organizations grow. 

She and her guests talk truthfully about purpose, culture, community, connection, employee experience, diversity and inclusion, productivity, learning and development, career progression, virtual work, and work+life integration.

You in? Here’s what to expect:

Growth Driver is a candid and fun conversation where YOUR PEERS — B2B growth executives, thought leaders, analysts, authors and expert practitioners — come to rethink the growth game. Every episode tackles the complexity and nuance required to uncover fresh insights and smarter approaches to B2B growth that you can use right now. 

Here’s what we commit to in every show: 

1. Deep discourse: We delve deep into the complexity of B2B growth, offering nuanced discussions and actionable insights avoiding both needless complexity and shallow buzz and hype.

2. Strategic POV: We provide strategically-anchored content tailored for seasoned B2B executives by emphasizing holistic alignment over siloed activity and tactics, and insights that impact growth.

3. Executable innovation: We champion innovation you can actually execute and drive results with by offering you proven, actionable solutions that balance novelty with real-world feasibility. 

4. Unshielded honesty: We practice candor, fostering a culture of vulnerability and courageous dialogue that reflects the genuine highs and lows of B2B growth leadership. 

And here’s what we want from you:

Growth Driver costs nothing, but it’s not “free.” We want your two most valuable assets: your time and your trust. That’s why our mission is to give you deep, honest discussion and content that’s so relatable, you’ll think we snuck into your phone’s Notes app and read your mind. 

Pull up your favorite place to listen or watch content, settle in, and become part of the change. Let’s redefine B2B growth together!