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AI is Teaching Us a Few Things About Truth – and Our Role In It

It is super interesting to me how AI is teaching / re-teaching several important lessons…
9 causes stakeholder mis-alignment

The 9 Main Causes of Stakeholder Mis-Alignment

Over the past 12 years, we've worked with hundreds of B2B growth teams at Intelligent…
Re-planning GTM

Plan, Re-Plan, Re-Re-Plan

I bet you are in the thick of another "interesting planning season" — trying to…
Go-to-market strategy

Aligned Go-To-Market Strategy and Why You Need It

So, it’s planning season, which also means it’s time to examine your go-to-market strategy and…
Marketing Budget

6 Tips for Planning Your Marketing Budget for 2023

Every year around this time many companies undergo forecasting and budget planning for the coming…
Sales Pipeline Coverage

Q&A: What Should our B2B Sales Pipeline Coverage Be vs. our Sales Goal?

It's planning season again. We got this question from one of our clients -- and…
Tips for Revenue Growth

Tips from the top

Expert advice for marketing leaders to drive smarter revenue growth.

13 Telltale Signs that Your Go-To-Market Strategy Needs an Overhaul

13 signs it might be time to update your go-to-market strategy Disappointing growth: Your company’s…
Defy the Odds as CMO

10 Proven Ways to Defy the Odds as CMO

And become a bada$$ revenue leader.
Go-to-market strategy

5 Reasons why a great go-to-market strategy is pivotal

This is the second installment in a series of articles all about B2B go-to-market (GTM). If…
Go-to-market strategy definition

B2B Go-To-Market Strategy — a Simple, Straightforward Definition

We talk about go-to-market strategy a lot at ID because it’s at the core of what…