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The B2B growth playbook has been in decline for YEARS

Times have changed! The B2B growth playbook needs to be rewritten. Yep. Got it. 100%…


A picture is starting to emerge out of the fog of the last 18 months:…

AI is Teaching Us a Few Things About Truth – and Our Role In It

It is super interesting to me how AI is teaching / re-teaching several important lessons…
9 causes stakeholder mis-alignment

The 9 Main Causes of Stakeholder Mis-Alignment

Over the past 12 years, we've worked with hundreds of B2B growth teams at Intelligent…
Re-planning GTM

Plan, Re-Plan, Re-Re-Plan

I bet you are in the thick of another "interesting planning season" — trying to…
Go-to-market strategy

Aligned Go-To-Market Strategy and Why You Need It

So, it’s planning season, which also means it’s time to examine your go-to-market strategy and…
Marketing Budget

6 Tips for Planning Your Marketing Budget for 2023

Every year around this time many companies undergo forecasting and budget planning for the coming…
Sales Pipeline Coverage

Q&A: What Should our B2B Sales Pipeline Coverage Be vs. our Sales Goal?

It's planning season again. We got this question from one of our clients -- and…
Tips for Revenue Growth

Tips from the top

Expert advice for marketing leaders to drive smarter revenue growth.
Defy the Odds as CMO

10 Proven Ways to Defy the Odds as CMO

And become a bada$$ revenue leader.
Go-to-market strategy

5 Reasons why a great go-to-market strategy is pivotal

This is the second installment in a series of articles all about B2B go-to-market (GTM). If…
Go-to-market strategy definition

B2B Go-To-Market Strategy — a Simple, Straightforward Definition

We talk about go-to-market strategy a lot at ID because it’s at the core of what…