Introducing Old to New: How to Update Your B2B Growth Plays

Resource Center > Introducing Old to New: How to Update Your B2B Growth Plays

Resource Center > Introducing Old to New: How to Update Your B2B Growth Plays

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About the Author

This article is part of ID’s expert blog series “Old to New: How to Update Your B2B Growth Plays.” It helps GTM, marketing, and sales leaders understand, diagnose, and update their B2B growth plays by leveraging Intelligent Demand’s frameworks, resources, advice, and experience.

The B2B growth landscape is evolving at an increasing rate. You probably see it and feel it every day in your job. The symptoms are everywhere. And the reasons why aren’t opinions anymore—they’re facts, backed by credible research.

Major changes in buyer behavior, technology advancements, shifting market dynamics, and smarter GTM strategies have made the traditional B2B growth playbooks increasingly obsolete. And this isn’t just academic philosophizing. The costs and risks of running outdated growth plays are very real: wasting finite resources, missing growth targets, and stalling your career.

The Key Takeaway:

The old B2B growth playbook is no longer effective in today’s dynamic market. To grow, B2B GTM teams must develop a new playbook that aligns their company’s actions with modern buyer behavior, leverages technology and data properly, and delivers efficient, sustainable growth.

This expert blog series gives you the research, insights, frameworks, and templates to make your revenue growth plays more modern, more efficient, more strategic, and more effective. It comes directly from Intelligent Demand’s proven frameworks that we use every day with our clients. And they work across every B2B GTM motion (ABX, PLG, Partner-led, Demand Gen, Inbound, Outbound, etc).

The first key step is understanding what the Old Growth Playbook looks like.

If you need to move faster

We’ve put together everything you need into one Growth Play Success Kit (frameworks, guides, advice, tips on how and where to start, research, access to expert resources, etc). You can download it here.