Finding Courage in Healthcare Marketing

Finding Courage in Healthcare Marketing: Intelligent Demand Creative Director Theo Romeo

Messaging in healthcare is all about humanity, but many companies miss the mark by not appealing to consumers’ emotions, which limits engagement and stunts campaign performance.

In this interview, Intelligent Demand Creative Director Theo Romeo sat down with our partners at Uberflip to talk about the state of content marketing in the healthcare industry and how transformative creative messaging can be.

I think content marketing in the healthcare industry is extremely oversaturated. There’s way too much content. Even six or seven years ago, we knew systematizing content development and content production was important, but there wasn’t really a standard checklist that could be applied to every piece of content in every campaign. You had different frameworks that could be applied, like the customer journey, but I think we took that too literally when it was really just meant to guide us, similar to a thought exercise.

– Theo Romeo

Watch the full interview, here.

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