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How Marketing Automation Delivers ROI: Huge Win #4

Marketing and Sales often operate with very different expectations regarding what the other is doing. And certainly, software alone won’t solve these issues! However, a properly-implemented marketing automation platform will give marketing and sales the toolset to create and maintain that alignment

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How Marketing Automation Delivers ROI: Huge Win #3

A good marketing automation platform will also give you new visibility (in the form of reports, dashboards and actionable data) into the performance of your campaigns, buying stages and program components. Armed with this data, you can then optimize your marketing efforts and incrementally improve results.

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How Marketing Automation Delivers ROI: Huge Win #2

While you can never truly “automate marketing” (the term stuck, even though it is imprecise at best), marketing automation software absolutely offers significant efficiency gains. Imagine how much time it would take to respond appropriately to every single lead in your opportunity funnel – regardless of their level or area of interest, in every stage of their buying process, without fail, every day of the year – with the right message, right offer and right call to action/next step.

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