Saying nothing and doing nothing is unacceptable.

Three months ago, a global pandemic engulfed the entire world. We’ve all been struggling through the loss, pain, risk, and confusion caused by this sudden sickness. COVID-19 has made one thing abundantly clear to anyone who is paying attention: the way we live and the choices we make fundamentally affect each other. 

A week ago, George Floyd’s brutal death shined a light on a different, long standing sickness in our country: systemic racism and injustice against people of color.

I don’t possess any special insights on the topic of social justice. I don’t profess to know the answers to racism, inequality or injustice. In fact, I’m still learning how to ask the right questions. I’m learning how to step outside of my privileged frame of reference so I can see things clearly.

I’ve spent the last week reading, watching, listening, learning… distraught and distressed by what I’m witnessing in our country. Then I began asking:

  1. What can I do — as an individual — to make a real, positive difference?
  2. What can I do — as a leader —  to make a real, positive difference?
  3. What can I do — as a marketer — to make a real, positive difference?

These are big questions… questions that I am personally committed to asking and answering over and over again in the coming weeks and months. I have a lot to learn. A lot to see. A lot of listening to do.

But I already know this: saying nothing and doing nothing is unacceptable.

So here are a few things we are doing at Intelligent Demand:

  • We are donating to Black Lives Matter and Campaign Zero in the name of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and so many others
  • We are donating $5,000 in free agency services for any client who will let us help them connect one of their marketing campaigns to a social justice topic before the end of 2020
  • We are committing to listening, to learning, to serving as a witness, to being better allies, and to ACTING on our beliefs more effectively in our daily lives, both personal and professional

Each of us has a choice about how we respond to the extraordinary times in which we find ourselves. Each of us can see differently, act differently, and change things for the better. We can place our hands on the long arc of the moral universe and help it bend toward justice if we want to.

We are committed to doing our part — not just this week. But in the coming weeks and months. 

Reach out to me personally or anyone on the team here at Intelligent Demand if you’d like to join forces.

John is Intelligent Demand’s founder, chief strategist and CEO. His energy and enthusiasm for transforming companies with modern approaches to marketing, sales, and customer success is palpable. He’ll happily geek out with you during a 2-hour conversation about your customer journey. He’ll cover any whiteboard or tablecloth in sight with revenue growth strategies, messaging concepts, and program designs. But his primary passion is connecting those ideas to highly executable programs that deliver measurable results.


  • Thanks for taking this step John. I think all people of conscience have the urge to stand up, speak up, or act. Unfortunately, too few do so. I know for myself it often feels like my small part is just so insignificant. You remind us all that not doing anything, is accepting the status quo, and that is not something a person of conscience can afford.

    • Thanks David. We are on the journey… with lots of listening and learning to do. It’s just so abundantly clear that we have to go faster and do more. So that’s what we’re trying to do.

      Your comment about feeling like what we can do is insignificant… is so real. And I feel exactly the same way. I know it sounds like a cliche, but I have hope that if more white people do their “allegedly insignificant part” it might add up to something significant, and better.

      Let’s see.


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