How Agile helps campaigns succeed

At Intelligent Demand, we use Agile practices to ensure our clients' campaigns get into market faster so they can start seeing measurable revenue impact.

Resource Center > How Agile helps campaigns succeed

Resource Center > How Agile helps campaigns succeed

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Agile helps campaigns succeed

An Agile Approach

There’s nothing much worse for a marketer than working for months to get a large campaign into market only to have it fail. At Intelligent Demand, we use Agile practices to ensure that doesn’t happen with our clients’ campaigns. Here are some ways Agile comes into play across the different aspects of an integrated campaign.

Strategy & Planning

It’s a common misperception that doing Agile means there is no strategy or plan. At Intelligent Demand, we still do strategy and planning, but it’s done in a more flexible way that doesn’t take multiple months. We still define goals upfront and collaborate on an overarching strategy to hit those goals, but we know that priorities are going to shift over time and that it’s better to test and learn based on data rather than relying on conventions or guesses. We also collaborate with our clients to revisit priorities every couple of weeks and adjust accordingly.

Content & Creative

An Agile approach to content has an increased focus on iteration of existing content rather than always creating entirely new content. We work with our clients to understand the breadth of content that already exists, and we determine the best ways to leverage it. We may take an existing piece of content and break it into smaller ones, build it out into a larger one, turn it into a visual infographic, or utilize it to create several blog posts. An Agile approach to creative also involves testing and adjusting based on the messaging and creative that performs best.


An Agile approach to media can come to life in a few ways. It may include starting small and quickly with a few channels and then expanding as results are proven. It may involve constantly adjusting the mix of channels based on which ones are performing. It can also involve testing different ads and creative in market to see what resonates and performs best.

Tech Infrastructure

It’s easy to assume that a campaign shouldn’t be launched until all of the perfect infrastructure is in place – a Marketing Automation Platform is stood up, that platform is integrated with a CRM, automated alerts are set up, etc… However, at Intelligent Demand, we don’t wait until technical perfection has been reached to get into market. We prefer getting into market quickly and then building out the infrastructure, even if it means some business processes have to be handled manually in the meantime. This allows our clients to see results faster, and it allows us to test new approaches as we go.

Project Management

We collaborate with each client to determine the best project management approach based on the projects at hand. Some projects may be best suited for a sequential, waterfall process, while others may warrant an Agile approach like Scrum.

Regardless of the methodology that’s chosen, Agile values always guide our approach.

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