DigitalGlobe Launches WorldView-3 Satellite!

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We love all of our clients. Truly, every client we work with is amazing and does genuinely impressive work in their industry. And a great example of this just happened, as our client DigitalGlobe launched their WorldView-3 satellite.

That’s right, DigitalGlobe just sent a satellite into space. How cool is that? Our team all gathered and had a toast as we watched the launch at Vanderburg Air Force Base in California from our Denver office.

The WorldView-3 satellite is a commercial, high-resolution satellite that will be capturing images of Earth that are two-times as sharp as the standard current imagery. It will be joining DG’s fleet of other satellites already in orbit. The WorldView-3 launch further solidifies DG as a global leader in the geospatial imagery market. Mapmakers will use WorldView-3’s photographs as well as a few, “lesser-known” clients like Google and Microsoft.

Congratulations to DigitalGlobe! We absolutely love working with you guys and look forward to supporting your continued growth.

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