Folks, brace yourselves. Grab a box of tissues and take a seat. I need to tell you something that’s going to be hard to hear. Lead generation, friend to companies both large and small, has [ring, ring]… Wait. Give me a second to take this.
[Leaves…muffled talking in adjacent room…returns].
That was the Dr. Internet. Turns out the nurse in her wing is still learning how to interpret test results.


Lead generation is going to make it!



The truth is, lead generation was never even in the hospital. There have been a few articles circulating lately (obituaries, I’d call them), signaling the death rattle of lead generation. (We’d normally link to some examples, but we don’t want to share the SEO love, honestly.)

What they all get wrong: attaching a narrow definition of what lead generation is (zero attribution, no mid-funnel visibility, no closed-loop reporting).

leadgendeadIn addition, many of those articles are also penned by companies that do modern (read: opposite of the above parenthetical list) lead generation, but have cleverly renamed it something more shiny sounding.

“Pipeline, dynamical, prospect touching” or something like that.

Don’t be fooled. It’s your old friend Lead Generation. In fact, the new face of what we used to call “lead generation” that these articles describe is nothing new at all. It’s measurable, revenue-driven marketing tactics, the same thing that ID has been doing since its inception—and, to be fair, we weren’t the first.

So relax. Lead generation is alive and kicking.

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