10 Strategies to Power Up Revenue in 2011

Congrats, you made it through the doldrums of 2010! Now it's time to stomp on the gas. Many companies are learning the benefits of CRM-integrated automated marketing, possibly the most efficient method for making 2011 the year your company’s revenue generated record highs. For those of you who...

Congrats, you made it through the doldrums of 2010!  Now it’s time to stomp on the gas.

Many companies are learning the benefits of CRM-integrated automated marketing, possibly the most efficient method for making 2011 the year your company’s revenue generated record highs. For those of you who want to know more about the secret behind this unfolding opportunity, we have listed 10 strategies that will power up your business growth for 2011.

1. Close the Gaps…Now
Build a closed-loop marketing program that integrates with your CRM and ensure no prospects are left behind. If your lead generation rates are reliable, focus on the follow through. Consider investing in an integrated system that helps you gain 20-60 percent more information about your prospects and their needs/interests than your current system offers. This will provide your sales team with more relevant information to close a sale. And discover the full spectrum of benefits that a closed loop marketing and sales program can generate, increasing revenue, even in a slowed economy.

2. Automate as Much as Possible
By removing the all-too-human elements of inconsistency and error, consider automating your communications to prospects and existing customers. Using an automated process, you will see your customers turn their heads with excitement, knowing your company cared enough to ask them what they need. Then watch your lead generation process explode. By automating the system, the true power of customer relationship management improves ten-fold, allowing marketing to score leads, while sales focuses on the leads that are ready to buy. Using one automated system that integrates CRM with marketing automation and lead generation, your company can’t say “sign me up” fast enough to beat the pants off your competition.

3. Improve Your Channel Partnerships
Are you investing the right channel development tools that improve your reseller revenues? Are you supporting your channel partners as well as you could be? What if your company could ensure that top partners focus their marketing efforts selling your products over the competition? When your channel partners find out that your company is serious about supporting their efforts in a way no one else is, they will drop everything to sell your products over the competition. It’s a simple win-win for everyone. And some companies are already reaping the benefits!

4. Focus Sales Teams on Your Hottest Leads First
Implement a lead scoring methodology that allows you to automatically score your lead prospects as they engage with your company (from capture to close…through marketing and sales). And generate alerts to you when your leads are hot. Think closed-loop marketing, or customer relationship marketing — on steroids. Automate a follow up system that allows your sales team to follow through within 24 hours with the hottest leads, while you continue to “nurture” the cool prospects until they are “sales ready.”

5. Stop Relying on Non-automated Email Pushes
Increase consistency, improve messaging, create a digital reaction “to your prospects’ online inquiries, and begin a conversation that ends in a sale. Track what your prospects sand customers truly want, help them find what they need, talk to them their way — with their permission, and tie it all together with results that demonstrate real-time value for your demand generation investments. Open rates are not real measurement…it’s the click through and the information deposit and tracking that demonstrates true value.

6. Optimize your Online Webinars
Online events are preferred by most customers who have busy schedules, but want to know more about your business. Make your online events deliver more value using a very simple system. Learn more about your prospects and their reasons to buy before they attend the call, during and after. Score their online behavior and begin to focus your resources on those who are purchase ready, while marketing continues to nurture those who are still trying to decide. Even if your prospects aren’t quite ready, your company has the power to walk them through consideration and preference choices that will close the purchase faster than traditional systems. And watch your revenue ignite.

7. Optimize your Face-to-Face Events and Trade Shows
The hottest sales leads from your trade shows are often captured and shared (or are they?). Yet more companies are finding significant value in the remaining 70 percent who needed a bit more information before they were ready to buy. Some attendees are serious about your products, yet they couldn’t wait for your booth line, or the booth representative wasn’t quite knowledgeable when your prospect needed critical information. Now your company can CONVERT that remaining 70 percent to purchase by learning what they want, what they need, and by helping them through a digital conversation that engages them enough to buy.

8. Get serious about Cross Selling
Effective cross sell and up-sell campaigns require focus, reiteration and consistency. With the right marketing automation strategy and relevant customer content, your company can execute a program that will bring your prospects closer to your products, and increase your existing customers’ satisfaction when you help them gain more from their purchases – across a portfolio of inter-related offerings. I’ll bet you didn’t realize an automated cross-selling solution exists today, and it integrates with your CRM.

9. Get Social
Leverage the shifting purchasing preferences of today’s buyers. Before they close the deal, you know your customers are on your website, reading reviews, evaluating the competition, and asking the experts. But more importantly, they’re searching to find what other buyers are saying about their experience with your company and your products based on past experience with both. Customer feedback is more prevalent than ever through social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the hottest trending blogs. It’s not too late for your company to join the conversation. Get involved with online outlets that build a golden pathway to your store front using stories from your satisfied buyers.

10. Capture your prospects on your website
Last, but certainly not least, don’t just track page visits, clicks and volume hits. Set up a website-optimized system that allows you to capture your anonymous leads as they visit your website and engage with your company. Convert them easily – and with their permission – to known leads and find out how you can help them. The conversion can be twice as fast, so what are you waiting for? Marketing automation is available today at a reasonable cost.

If you’re intrigued and you want to learn more, here are a couple things to keep in mind: 1) it’s easier to begin implementing these strategies then you think; 2) we’re here to help you. Contact us!  We’re can give you a marketing automation demo and identify the quick win opportunities that are lurking right now within your company.

Learn how you can crank up business without breaking your budget using closed-loop, CRM-integrated marketing automation. Smart companies see the benefits and reap the rewards quickly. You can too.  Press the gas pedal to watch your revenue expand dramatically.

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