Account Based Alignment – How to Make Marketing and Sales Collaborate

Last night, a large crowd of B2B professionals witnessed what was once thought to be impossible – a union of Marketing and Sales.

Yes, you read that right.

In partnership with Demandbase and LookbookHQ, we invited a panel of B2B Sales and Marketing professionals to our new office location for our second iteration of the Denver/Boulder Account-Based Marketing Meetup. We asked them to share what happens when both functions focus their attention and budgets on prospects most likely to buy. Every single one of their answers contained a variation of “better bottomline results.”

Mike Swainey, our Director of Business Development moderated the conversation between the four panelists:

  • Carlos Hidalgo, Founder and CEO, VisumCx
  • Julia Gallagher, Enterprise Account Executive, LookBook HQ
  • Heather Wright, Sr. Principal, Regional Marketing, CA Technologies
  • Garrett Cole, Sr. Director, Inside Sales & Sales Development, SnapLogic

In case you missed it, here are the key points from the night:

Alignment is a Journey

The panelists all agreed one of the biggest challenges to getting Marketing and Sales to work together is the people. “The biggest obstacle is change,” Carlos said. “You have to give it time. It’s a cultural change that’s going to take 2-3 years.” TWEET THIS

Data is King

If you really want to break down the wall, you must bring the data. Both Marketing and Sales need to share intelligence with each other. Heather specified, “Show the value and the de-value – show where it’s working, and also where it’s not working.” TWEET THIS

Rally Around the Customer

“The real goal is to align around the customer,” said Carlos.  Once you have a common view of who the customer is, that’s when the sparks fly. “It’s not a Sales product, and it’s not a Marketing product – it’s all of us together,” Julia echoed. TWEET THIS

It’s OK to Fail (and try again)

“You’re constantly course correcting and re-evaluating,” Julia said.  Even after Sales and Marketing align, some things can (and will) go wrong. And that’s OK. “If Sales doesn’t understand the ins and outs of the whole campaign, it’s going to fail,” Garrett warned. 

Interested in getting your organization’s sales and marketing functions on the same page? Contact Intelligent Demand, and we can discuss what tight sales and marketing alignment can do for your organization’s revenue with you.