B2B Lead Gen: Tip #2 for More Leads

B2B Lead Gen Tip #2: Double Check Your Value Proposition and Messaging

There are two parts to this tip.

First of all, make sure that you’ve done your market, competitive, and customer/prospect homework. Are you positioning your product(s) and company in the most compelling, differentiated, and unique way? Are you speaking directly to your target segments in terms they use and understand?  Are you solving a problem that matters to your target audience in a way that is valuable in your prospect’s eyes? Are you saying something unique and different from your competitors?  Are you adding value to the conversation that’s happening in your industry (and maybe even leading that conversation) or just blasting feature speak? Does your messaging sound as if it was written in a silo with no windows, no creativity, and no differentiation?

It’s surprisingly easy to end up with insular, product-focused messaging.

Intelligent Demand

Trust me, your prospects care most about themselves and their problems! Speak to THEIR needs,  fears, goals and desires.  Solve a problem for them and they’ll thank you with deeper engagement, interest, and maybe even a closed sale!

Which leads to the second part of this tip: You’ll get more leads in your funnel avoiding “product and company speak”. In the early stages of the buying process, your prospects are defining their needs and pain points, discovering and evaluating how best to solve those needs and getting a general sense of the solution space. If you hit them up with feature speak or worse, bland, typical corporate narcissism, can you blame them for saying “No thanks”?

Also, please drop the meaningless company/industry/marketing jargon.  Communicate to your prospects and leads in words and ways that THEY understand and use.  (Mini-tip: Run your lead gen and nurturing content in front of a trusted customer for a quick review.  Then buy them a beer.  Trust me — it will be worth it.)
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