B2B Lead Gen: Tip #4 for More Leads

B2B Lead Gen Tip #4: Measure Sources of Web Traffic; do MORE of what Works

As you execute different tactics as suggested in Tip #3, you will inevitably start to see an uptick in visitors showing up at your front door — your website.

Web analytic programs like Google Analytics can indicate the trends in this traffic. However, for this phase, it is also important to capture the source of your general traffic (any web analytics tool will do this) as well as for each individual visitor/prospect (any decent marketing automation tool will do this). Some may be arriving due to search activity through your SEO or PPC programs. Others may be showing up from active links on blogs or via various social media platforms.

As you start to understand the ebb and flow of this new traffic, you can identify trends that call for greater emphasis in your lead capture + lead nurturing program.  Analyze the data!  (Contact us if you need help with this — we’re happy to help.)  Then do more of what works best, while still keeping a diverse mix of traffic generating tactics.

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