How Marketing Automation Delivers ROI: Huge Win #3

How Marketing Automation Delivers ROI

A well-chosen and properly implemented marketing automation platform will give your marketing team some game-changing features:

• Demographic and behavioral data capture for leads and customers
• Accurate and dynamic segmentation of your lead and customer database
• Personalized, targeted messaging delivery for leads and customers
• Automated campaign delivery and management
• Automated and near real-time lead scoring
• Automated lead management and routing
• Cost effective and faster campaign creation and launch
• Reports and analytics that measure marketing effectiveness

Okay. That is a list of some very valuable things that marketing automation does. But to what end? What difference will all of these impressive capabilities make in your marketing? What benefits can these features actually deliver?
Here is the third of four huge wins (that will deliver ROI for your company) made possible with marketing automation.

Huge Win #3: Metrics

A good marketing automation platform will also give you new visibility (in the form of reports, dashboards and actionable data) into the performance of your campaigns, buying stages and program components. Armed with this data, you can then optimize your marketing efforts and incrementally improve results. Your VP of Marketing wants to answer questions like “Which channel is providing us the greatest number of sales ready leads?” and “What % of this quarter’s revenue was sourced by marketing?” and “How many website inquiries out of a hundred convert into opportunities?” and “What’s our cost per sales accepted lead?” Marketing automation makes this possible.

Your eventual measurement and reporting platform will likely incorporate metrics from many levels: overall business results, program, selling/buying stage, campaigns and assets/campaign components. However, it’s a good idea start small and simple and only add metrics as they are truly needed. You don’t want to lose the forest for the trees by burying yourself in data just because you can.

Less guessing and better-informed marketing investment decisions. That’s huge win #3.

John is Intelligent Demand’s founder, chief strategist and CEO. His energy and enthusiasm for transforming companies with modern approaches to marketing, sales, and customer success is palpable. He’ll happily geek out with you during a 2-hour conversation about your customer journey. He’ll cover any whiteboard or tablecloth in sight with revenue growth strategies, messaging concepts, and program designs. But his primary passion is connecting those ideas to highly executable programs that deliver measurable results.

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