Intelligent Demand helps OpenText tell their story

We recently launched a new content development project with a great client of ours named OpenText.

They’re a leading provider of business process management solutions (software and services that improve business performance by maximizing the productivity of all participants in a process).  The net result is less paper, more automation, faster cycle times, lower process costs, increased profitability, and empowered employees doing higher value work.

OpenText hired Intelligent Demand to create a series of rich media presentations and videos to help tell their story in a fun and engaging way.  After doing our strategic homework (understanding their goals, target segments, value proposition, competitive differentiation, and buyer personas, marketing/selling process), we created a hand-illustrated world that shows how OpenText makes a practical difference in the every day life of three of their target personas: staff, manager, and executive.

Our project team included a script writer, illustrator, voice over talent, animator, sound designer, and art director.

Their sales team, as well as their customers and prospects, love how the video communicates the company’s value proposition simply and directly.  It ends with a call to action (next step) that takes the viewer to a custom landing page (powered by marketing automation) where they can download useful information about business process management, view a webinar, tour their products, or opt in to receive additional information.  Smart.

Check it out!

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