Intelligent Demand is an integrated revenue growth agency. We exist to help transform marketers into revenue leaders. Any agency can create activity for their client. Most can create an ad, write and design a piece of content, and maybe even deploy campaigns in marketing technology stacks. Very few can do those things and connect the dots back to what’s most important — creating a scalable and sustainable revenue growth engine.

But how do we do it? It all starts with the talented and passionate marketers that make up the ID team. In this blog series we aim to introduce you to each of our superheroes behind the mission. So, without further ado, please meet…Millei Ishikawa!

When did you start at ID?

I started in August of 2020.

Describe your career so far, where did you go to school?

After graduating Iowa State University, go Cyclones!, I started my career in higher education marketing before joining Integer, a global shopper marketing agency, to work on multiple brands such as Michelin Tires, Starbucks, Red Robin and more. Integer was a fast paced creative world where I really developed my skill set designing for multiple channels. Leveraging my broad skillset, I then freelanced, working alongside Intelligent Demand for a period, where I was able to witness the strong team at ID, encouraging me to join full-time.

What do you do here at ID? Describe your role.

I specialize in concepting campaign ideas and visuals that are unforgettable for our clients’ key audiences, segments and personas. I collaborate with our team to generate ideas that deliver real creative and revenue impact for our clients to help them achieve their goals.

What is your favorite part about ID? What drew you in?

The people! Before coming on full-time, I joined ID as a freelancer and quickly learned how much everyone truly cares about each other and the passion they have for the work they do.

What are your passions outside work? Where can we find you on the weekends?

I am an outdoors and travel fanatic. Coming from Japan, I grew up visiting the US every year which cemented my love to visit new places. Now I visit Japan in addition to a new location (if not more!) every year. Moving to Colorado gave me a huge appreciation for hiking, camping, and snowboarding, meaning you can probably find me in the mountains anytime of the year. I also love cooking and baking. My specialties include pork dumplings, carbonara, and all desserts.

The year 2020. We’ve been faced with a lot of challenges and the desire to see a change. What are you most excited to see come out of it? What have been the silver linings? Where would you like to see the world go from here?

2020 has shown me that we can come together in the face of adversity, and create meaningful change for the better. I am excited for the Diversity and Inclusion initiative that we have, helping us get closer to our goal of achieving true equal opportunity for everyone.

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