The PRSA Awards Intelligent Demand and KPCO with a Silver Pick for excellence in public relations

Recently, the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) announced the winners of the Gold and Silver Pick awards for excellence in public relations.

We’re thrilled to announce that Intelligent Demand was awarded a Silver Pick for our work with client Kaiser Permanente Colorado!

The campaign was the B2C Health Care Marketing Brand Activation Campaign. The category of the award was Public Relations/Communications Agencies.

This is the third award for the KPCO + ID team—following a Marketo Revvie and a BMA Gold Key—but the first to recognize the B2C program.

Break it Down: The B2C Health Care Marketing Brand Activation Campaign

Intelligent Demand and KPCO worked together to design, implement, and optimize a new approach to consumer engagement via brand activation events.

ID came to the challenge with the understanding that many consumers had never shopped for health care. With this in mind, we worked with KPCO to develop a B2C campaign consisting of experiential and brand activation elements designed to attract and educate consumers. The leads generated through the brand activation events would then be provided relevant information about health care through a lead nurture email program.

The Brand Activation Lead Generation Events consisted of a series of stands modeled after classic American boardwalks, and featured health care-related games modeled after Plinko and Spin-the-Wheel. Attendees were welcomed by charismatic KPCO staff  and invited to engage in the three health care-related games. Interested parties would qualify for gameplay by filling out some basic information—including their current health insurance status—on an interactive tablet application. Prizes were given out and participants were able to have their picture taken in front of a variety of backgrounds in a photo booth. The KPCO boardwalk was set up at 13 outdoor events between the summer and fall of 2013, including farmers markets, special happenings at the Denver Zoo, and the Colorado State Fair.

The multi-touch, multi-channel, consumer-focused nurture program provided the acquired leads with important information concerning the value of health insurance, ways to be a smarter health care shopper, and KPCO’s unique value proposition. The program nurtured leads with targeted content that spoke to the unique consumer needs, challenges, opportunities, and themes of health care in Colorado—through the lens of first-time health care shoppers.

The results for the award-winning B2C program included:

  • 13 community events with an estimated 40,000 participants visiting the brand activation events
  • Over 10,000 leads were captured and more than 9,000 were qualified for the lead nurturing campaigns
  • Nearly 2,400 of those were qualified and routed as Sales Ready Leads
  • Cost per lead (CPL) was reduced by nearly 40%

It makes us so happy to see One Revenue Team continue to make big things happen. Thank you and congratulations to everyone at KPCO. We love being your agency partner!

If you want to talk about where awards come from, contact us at Intelligent Demand. We’d love to get into the details over coffee.
About PRSA Colorado

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