Top 10 B2B Revenue Thieves

B2B Revenue – What is harming your performance?

Do you hear that sucking sound? It’s your revenue funnel leaking leads, opportunities, efficiency and ROI.

Most companies are sitting on loads of untapped ROI in the form or a poorly-aligned, leaky revenue funnel. We see it all the time. It’s heartbreaking, really. Especially given how hard most marketing and sales teams are working and how much money they’re spending!

So we thought we’d save you some time and trouble with this checklist. Use it to identify the things that are harming your revenue performance platform.

The Usual Suspects: Top 10 B2B Revenue Thieves

  1. Your awareness and lead generation channels and tactics aren’t integrated. Nor do they propel prospects deeper into the next step of the buying process with relevant calls to action. This often comes from Marketing pursuing of grab bag of “branding air war” tactics and hoping they turn into opportunities. That’s all well and good…but what happens next, after awareness?
  2. Your lead capture strategies and calls to action are weak. I know this is obvious, you can’t nurture, score and close a lead if you haven’t captured them! That first conversion from anonymous visitor to known, opted-in lead is crucial.
  3. You aren’t nurturing leads who aren’t ready yet for sales contact. The vast majority of visitors to your website aren’t ready to buy. But they have interests, challenges and information needs. What are you doing to communicate with them and keep your value proposition top of mind?
  4. Your messaging is one-size-fits all and focused on yourself. Repeat after me: Your. Prospects. Don’t. Care. About. Your. Brochures. (Until they’re in a buying cycle and you have their attention!) Offer something relevant, targeted and of genuine value and your leads will reward you with their engagement and continued permission to stay in touch with them.
  5. You aren’t consistently managing leads as they move through their buying lifecycle. Consistent, reliable, timely and relevant messaging at EVERY stage of the buying journey should be your goal. How ya doing?
  6. Your Marketing and Sales teams are using different definitions of success. No wonder they hate each other. Get on the same page, People!
  7. Your sales team isn’t being used efficiently. Usually this means sales is wasting time with inefficient prospecting and/or chasing leads who aren’t ready yet.
  8. You’re losing leads and your follow-up is sporadic. Imagine if you had to send me a $50 bill every time your company lost a lead or failed to follow up in a timely manner. How rich would I be?
  9. You’re not onboarding and nurturing your customers after the sale. Retention, cross sell, referral campaigns. Guess how many companies essentially ignore their customers from a marketing, messaging and support standpoint after they close the deal? A LOT. Don’t do that.
  10. The metrics you use to prove marketing’s impact / influence on revenue are weak or nonexistent. You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Aren’t you sick of your marketing department being a cost center? Get in the revenue game. It’s way more fun, trust me.

Have you seen other “Revenue Thieves” in your business experience?


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