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We’re fortunate to work with some amazing clients. Scroll to see some of the company we keep and what they have to say about what it’s like to work with us.

Infogix - Intelligent Demand
Four Winds Interactive
Identity Automation
"What sets ID apart for me is their desire to understand the fundamentals of my business, consider how we generate revenue end-to-end, and build the right GTM design to address how we generate revenue in response to these details. ID's revenue planning workshop has been an excellent way to consider what's working/what's not/what's changed in our business, evaluate how we need to shift GTM strategy to respond and capture opportunity related to those learnings, and create the revenue-minded action plans to get internal teams aligned to how we'll achieve our goals in the coming year."
Four Winds Interactive
"In a short amount of time, the team at Intelligent Demand proactively internalized our strategy, core competencies, and product offerings in order to help us extend our worldwide reach in meaningful ways. Their hands-on, consultative approach is what really sets them apart in the demand generation arena. They don’t just talk with us about it, they actually work side-by-side with us to design, build, launch, measure and optimize our integrated programs."
"Intelligent Demand is a terrific resource and partner as we build our demand gen program. We highly value their expert guidance, creativity and unmatched passion as we ramp up campaign activities, incorporate best practices and up level our marketing automation platform. It’s been an intense ride, but wonderfully exhilarating as a result of their flexibility and enthusiasm for our success."
"We hired Intelligent Demand to guide us through the creation of a comprehensive company growth strategy. We’re a very analytical organization, so we needed a data-driven approach. Intelligent Demand took the time to deeply understand our company, our product, our competitors and our market and in doing so, made us see our own business with a fresh perspective. Based on their extensive research and related analysis, they helped us draw strategic and organizational conclusions that continue to shape our marketing, sales, business development and customer support efforts. Intelligent Demand did a fantastic job for us."
"Working with ID to create our Integrated Demand Generation Plan was one of the best decisions we ever made."
"ID is telling our story in a totally new and entertaining way. They get it."
"I believe well done is better than well said and ID is a demand generation agency that is run with both integrity (delivering on their promises) and skill (enabling conversations that win the complex sale). As a B2B Marketer of complex solutions, it’s rare that I can let go of my anxiety and allow an agency to do their thing, but that’s exactly what my team did with ID – we did the ‘trust fall’. What hooked us is their grasp of how to shape best practices into practical and creative demand generation strategies, but what keeps us is their bias toward execution and revenue outcomes. They are a powerful ally and we are loyal fans."
"I grew up on the agency side and spent a majority of my career in that fast-paced, ever-changing environment. I thought I knew how most agencies looked and sounded, but Intelligent Demand is certainly not your average shop. They are a true business partner and hold themselves accountable for my marketing and revenue goals. I love working with my ID team not only because they are creative and fun (a bonus), but because I always learn something new about marketing and demand generation (double bonus). They’ve really instilled in us (a very large, not always nimble company) the value of piloting, testing and continually optimizing our efforts."

"There is a contingent within the marketing sphere that are very content with using impressions, clicks, and likes as the indicator of how well marketing is doing. A separate faction sees the writing on the wall and they’re saying ‘clicks and impressions are great but only if you can connect them directly to sales.’ Our program with Intelligent Demand is making a clear connection between our marketing efforts and our sales results."

"This program enables us to create a direct link between our marketing spend and our revenue impact."

"This program has become an essential way that my sales team hits its sales goals. The partnership between sales and marketing was critical to our success."
"The most useful aspect of ID’s agile approach is their ability to evolve strategy based on evidence and feedback from our company’s results. ID listens to our thoughts about what we think is working, creating a truly collaborative partnership."
"We thought we just needed a website. Intelligent Demand showed us the bigger picture. What we really needed was a well-defined marketing strategy and a lead generation system. They took the time to learn about our business. Their straightforward and enthusiastic approach kept us motivated and on track each step of the way."
"Zen and the Art of Marketing Maintenance. ID takes both a romantic and classical approach to marketing. As classicists, they quickly jump into the company engine, dissect the inner workings, and divulge the leaky, rusty, and gritty bits. (In a very respectful way, might I add!). As romantics, ID has the ability to transcend conventional thought and interject an other-worldly breath of ideas, possibilities, and dimensions (and can whoop up one hell of a metaphor when called upon). But what they do best is marry them both so you get a true partner that is side-by-side for the practical tactician and dreamer in us all. It’s the “marketing al dente” that we should all strive for."

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