How Does Integrated Demand Generation Work?

Forrester, Gartner, Aberdeen Group and Sirius Decisions all report that best-in-class companies who invest in Integrated Demand Generation (IDG) achieve truly impressive results:

  • 16% higher campaign response and conversion rates
  • 33% increase in close rate
  • 33% increase in marketing ROI
  • 49% increase in year-over-year revenue
  • 50% decrease in time to execute campaigns
  • 85% decrease in cost per lead
  • 150% increase in qualified leads

We’ve already looked at defining IDG and determining if it’s a good fit for your business. But how does it actually work?

When properly designed, deployed and optimized, IDG improves your revenue performance from multiple perspectives:

Lead Capture: The Driver of Effective Nurturing

Typically, less than 20% of prospects and leads are ready to buy when they first contact you. Capturing leads and earning the right to stay in touch with them allows you to track and support both the quick close (active demand) and the nurtured close (latent demand) tracks that probably exist right now in your revenue funnel. Many companies only focus on the quick close track, meaning they’re missing out on 80% of future revenue opportunity.

Permission Marketing

It’s not just a great book by Seth Godin, it’s what your leads and customers expect from you. You need to earn their trust, attention and permission by adding value at every step of their buying journey. Doing that from the top to the bottom of your revenue funnel will fuel consistent, sustainable sales growth.

Data, Segmentation and Measurement

Because IDG collects data about every marketing, sales and lead activity, you can segment and target your leads more precisely than ever with genuinely relevant content. What’s more, you can finally use actual data to understand the health of your funnel. You can analyze and optimize the effectiveness of each marketing or sales activity, campaign or program. And you can forecast based on the breadth, flow, conversion effectiveness and velocity of the leads in your revenue funnel.

Synchronizing with the Buying Process

IDG improves revenue performance at every stage of the revenue process because it reminds us that buying is a multi-step journey. And by synchronizing our marketing and sales activities with that journey, everyone wins.

Content Marketing

When you generate and nurture the leads in your funnel with meaningful content, you add value to your market, generate and nurture leads, build relationships, establish credibility, position your brand as unique and relevant, demonstrate your value proposition and stay top of mind. Content and creative that is on brand, on persona and on revenue stage is the fuel for your revenue engine.

Improved Lead Management

By focusing everyone in marketing and sales on process, stages and marketing-sales alignment, and by monitoring every lead at the individual level, IDG helps you first identify and then bridge the gaps in your revenue process. In fact, improving lead management is a big source of the ROI that IDG delivers. Don’t underestimate the untapped revenue potential of this allegedly boring topic!

Multichannel Campaigns

By capturing and managing leads inside one integrated platform, you can deliver timely, relevant messages across multiple channels: websites, email, social media, mobile, webinars, direct mail, targeted landing pages, SMS, RSS. Our own client results confirm that engaging leads and customers with a multi-channel approach increases and accelerates conversion.

Marketing and Sales Alignment

With IDG, you have to get real about marketing and sales supporting each other as co-creators of revenue. Your can finally remove the ambiguity about the definition of a sales-ready lead, how marketing knows when a lead is ready to purchase, what sales expects when they receive a qualified lead and what sales needs to do with those leads after hand-off.

Revenue Funnel Visibility

IDG helps you move away from a murky grab bag of push-and-pray tactics toward a new world where ROI accountability is the standard and marketing is a revenue generator instead of a cost center. With it, you’ll finally be able to answer the questions your CEO cares about, including:

  • What is the breadth, flow, conversion rate and velocity at each stage of our revenue funnel?
  • How many prospects, leads, qualified leads and opportunities do we have?
  • What impact and influence is marketing having on our revenue?
  • What is our return on marketing investment?

Revenue Funnel Optimization

IDG helps you stop guessing. You’ll be able to use data to optimize conversion and revenue impact by answering these types of questions:

  • Which programs are the most effective? The least effective?
  • Which messages resonate with leads at each stage of the funnel?
  • Which channels and tactics are performing from a lead flow, conversion and cost-per-lead standpoint?
  • What percentage of my sales pipeline is being directly sourced from marketing? What percentage is influenced by marketing?
  • If I had to cut 10% of my marketing budget, where would I do it and why? What if I had to increase 10%?

Putting IDG to Work for You

As you can see, Integrated Demand Generation is a multifaceted process which can impact just about every aspect of your company. If you’re looking for more insight on how it can help you reach your specific business goals, drop us a line and an ID consultant will get in touch. We love talking about this stuff.

Next up: We take a closer look at marketing automation and discuss how it’s an essential part of IDG success.

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