Christopher Caen

Executive Growth Consultant

Christopher Caen

Christopher comes to Intelligent Demand after a long career in technology and B2B marketing. At ID he is bringing that experience to bear in helping our clients craft and execute smarter ways to go to market and drive growth — and scaling consistently in a constantly changing world.

Christopher was drawn to B2B marketing early in his career, starting off in demand generation where he was president of a leading technology agency in San Francisco, working with clients ranging from startups to industry leaders like Sun Microsystems, Siebel, and Informix. Since then, Christopher has held senior marketing positions on the agency, publisher, and client sides, focusing on driving growth campaigns that melded traditional demand generation with field marketing, branding, and messaging for clients as varied as Cisco, Oracle, GE, Hitachi, Amazon, and Intel.

Christopher has spoken at conferences and led panels around connected data, security, IoT, and the impact of AI and other new technologies on marketing. He lives in San Francisco, two blocks from his beloved San Francisco Giants.

Favorite quote: "Revenue doesn't come from figuring out what you're selling; it's from figuring out what they're buying."