Lidia Gallardo

Media & Analytics Manager

Lidia Gallardo

As a Media & Analytics Manager, Lidia uses their understanding of strategy and data analysis to provide effective insights that help highlight client’s points of focus and make the data’s story more tangible and accessible. This ‘big picture’ mentality translates into their day-to-day media management optimizations and processes, which are customized to each client’s needs and goals.

Fascinated by and enthusiastic about the unique strategic possibilities of marketing, Lidia graduated from Washington State University (Go Cougs!) with a Bachelors of Strategic Communication. They got their start in the marketing department of a LGBTQ+ non-profit. They then moved to NYC to transition to agency roles where they specialized in digital media.

Lidia enjoys learning about social issues with a focus on LGBTQ+ issues. They can always be found working on new projects or learning new skills. They are a true jack of all trades and an excellent asset for trivia teams. Ask them about their antique teacup collection or pet snake!

Personal motto: "Being your best self is part of what makes the world a better place."